It is with regret that Rewind Central has ceased broadcasting as of 1 January 2016.

The reason we have closed is below.

The Copyright Royalty Board, a group of three judges appointed by the Library of Congress in America, made a decision that had wide ranging implications for many small webcasting radio stations that broadcast there and also stations worldwide that have listeners in America.

In fact, they effectively killed small independent web radio stations in America by setting a new royalty pricing structure that puts licensing far out of the reach of most small broadcasters. These judges who determine rates and terms for copyright statutory licenses, made a decision which will raise the rates that web radio stations currently pay for the privilege of entertaining you with recorded music, by over 16 hundred percent beginning January 1st 2016.

This includes overseas stations that have listeners in the United States of America. This has resulted in making the station unviable financially. We were left with no other choice than to cease broadcasting.

Our thanks go to our loyal listeners for your support. It's been a pleasure to share the music with you.


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