Do you have LPs or 45s that you never listen to because you don't have a turntable any more, or you don't get round to putting them on?

Well, you can mail them to us, We'll convert them to Mp3s or CDs and mail them back.

The Conversion Process

The first element of the process that we do is to ensure the maximum quality when converting the Vinyl is to give it a gentle clean using an Anti-Static cleaning fluid.

This ensures that when the record is in the process of being converted into Mp3 it is clean as possible.

Next using a professional Turntable and a piece of smart software we convert your Audio straight into digital. From here we are able to finish the process.

 How Long Does It Take?

 Recording and Converting records into MP3's is done in "Real Time." This means it can be a very lengthy process depending on how many records we are converting. For more information on this please get in touch.

 How would you like to receive your Files?

 We can provide your newly transferred files in 2 different ways:

Firstly we can send you them as Mp3 files

Secondly we can put your files onto a CD.

The Quality of the Vinyl

It is very important to stress that although we can improve the quality of the sound from your records, the final quality of the copy you receive is dependant on the condition of the record in the first place.
Unfortunately, really worn records can't be restored completely.

What the Service Costs

Each LP/mp3 - 9.00 [doubles count as two]

Each LP/CD - 11 [doubles count as two]*
*you'll also get a copy of the mp3s also emailed to you FREE

Cover scans / CD inserts - 5  

We can also convert the following

Individual tracks from 7" singles or LPs - 1.50 per track**

Individual tracks from 12" singles - 2.50 per track**

**Minimum charge 10

How To Order

Simple. Email me  at with your requirements and to confirm price. 2013