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So you're looking for a disco. It's not something you do on a regular basis and you're not sure what you should be looking for, after all, discos are all the same aren't they?

Actually, they're not. And what's more there are many things you should consider before committing to a disco. Firstly think about the last party or wedding you went to. Apart from your friends and relatives, what were some of the comments you heard? - generally it will be about the quality of the entertainment and whether it was good or not.
Bride & Groom's First Dance
That's where we come in. If price is your main consideration when considering entertainment, then unfortunately we are probably not the disco for your event. If, however, you are looking for a quality service, at a reasonable price, who will work 100% to make your event enjoyable then check us out, give us a call and see if we are the right disco for your event.

From the first enquiry to the goodbye at the end of the evening, we will offer you our every assistance in ensuring your occasion goes just the way you want it to. We will give you full control over your event, and we're happy to sit down with you and go through our event questionnaire, which will give us an idea of the music you want, rather than us playing what we think you'll want to hear. If there are any special tracks you would like, all you need to do is let us know in advance and we will make sure we have it with us. With a catalogue of over 25,000 tracks we should have what you require.

No matter what your occasion, we will treat you fairly and without price inflating. The fee we quote will be inclusive of travel, and any special requests will be dealt with before offering fee quotation. There are no hidden charges. The fee will not change once the contract is signed (unless you want to add something else afterwards).

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"Thank you so very much for providing us with an amazing disco for our evening do on the 4th April. We both had a fantastic day. You certainly helped make our wedding a day to remember and we will definitely recommend you in the future." - Charlotte & Andy

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Interesting wedding statistics


72% of all brides say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.

Almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment.

During wedding planning, Brides say their highest priority is their attire, followed by the reception site and Caterer -
reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities. Within one week after their reception, 78% of Brides say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority!

When asked, 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment.

65% of all couples that chose a band to entertain at their wedding, said, if they had it to do over again, they would have chosen a disc jockey.

Contact us AT ANY TIME to discuss your plans - WE WELCOME YOUR ENQUIRIES!




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